PROCEDURES MANUAL

Following are the standards and procedures for all staff and personnel for the purpose of creating an efficient and effective system to facilitate the completion of all residential contractual agreements. These procedures are presented to insure that the process moves as smoothly as possible and those responsible for each step in the process have the necessary tools to complete their duties. Teamwork is vital in achieving our goals and ultimately to the success of the organization. It is to that end that these guidelines are set forth.



1.      Preliminary Agreement

1.a When a potential home-buyer is ready to make the commitment to build, the salesperson will meet with them to draw up a Preliminary Agreement. (This is the final step in the use of the white sales packet that has been a tool for the salesperson in securing this commitment.Previously the salesperson has gathered information using the forms in this sales packet, i.e. the Profile Sheet, and the Option List, which will be useful in determining the plan, price and location for this home-buyer)

1.b As much information as is available at the time of this meeting should be provided on the Preliminary Agreement Form.  A deposit is required at the time the agreement is signed and the amount shall be stated in the appropriate place on the agreement, along with the approximate amount that will be used to produce the preliminary drawings. ** This is important and should be made clear to the potential home-buyer at this time, because if they ultimately do not build with us, for whatever reason, this is documentation as to the expenditure and they will not be expecting to receive their entire deposit back.

1.c The potential home-buyer(s) name, address and telephone number should appear on this Preliminary Agreement in the space provided.