Hello and Congratulations!  I’m confident that you will be congratulating yourself, too, and real soon, for making the decision to enter an exciting new field of service.  Although the idea of menu-planning is not new, I think you’ll find this fresh approach innovative and rewarding; and more than just financially. 

FIRST, this is not just a menu-planning service, but a complete program whereby you’ll assist your clients with what they most likely consider to be one, if not the most, time and energy consuming every-day chores of life.  You will be instrumental in changing the dread and exasperation most people feel toward getting dinner on the table after working all day; to relief and satisfaction at the least, and to enjoyment and delight at best.  Therefore, you’ll want to approach this new endeavor with all the tools and confidence you’ll need to perform such a remarkable feat!

As you read the following material and familiarize yourself with some of the basic tools I have provided, I hope you will feel a sense of urgency to begin this program for the benefit of your clients and yourself.  It’s pretty obvious what the benefit to your client will be, but maybe not as obvious to you what yours will be.  Yet.

Of course, an important reason any of us “work” is to provide for ourselves and our families, but it’s all too few of us who actually enjoy what we do and can experience a feeling of accomplishment and satisfaction from our occupations and careers.  Many people only put in their time, looking forward to weekends, dreading that inevitable return of Monday morning, totally dependent on their employer for the stability of their future.  If you’re ready to take responsibility for your own future, you’re going to be excited about this concept for starting your own business.