Equity Partnership

This exclusive partnering program is just one more way The MED-FLEX 20 Program makes it easy for you to invest in your own medical facility!

Taking advantage of our Equity Partnership Program effectively jump-starts your project as we offer to take an equity position in the facility while allowing you a fast track to complete OWNERSHIP. Projects enrolled in our Equity Partnership Program are structured to be owned “free and clear” by you, the Client/Partner, within 5 to 15 years.

We welcome clients into this Equity Partnership Program who are convinced of the benefits of owning the medical facility in which they practice, but may be deterred by high capital costs or shortage of available capital. Those who desire the “Peace of Mind” that comes from having a proven performer in the medical facility development and construction industry as their partner will find this program particularly beneficial. It’s truly a winning combination and another advantage of The MED-FLEX 20 Program.