Dinner’s Ready!!


Would you like to be able to provide your family with a nutritious, delicious, home-cooked meal every evening with minimum time spent in the kitchen?  Would you believe as little as 15 minutes for most meals? 

Today, with our busy schedules and sometimes hectic pace, this is next to impossible.  Even if you do end up with all the necessary ingredients in your pantry, you’re then faced with an hour or so of preparation time.  Let us help.

We provide a complete menu planning service, including doing the shopping, pantry set-up and maintenance, do-ahead food preparation in your own home, and step-by-step daily guidelines for getting each day’s meal on the table.  We’ll help you eliminate hours of planning, shopping and preparation.  Wouldn’t you enjoy having those extra hours each week?  No more stopping on your way home from a busy day at work to pick up Chinese take-out or rushing into the store for something to prepare, hoping you have everything else you need when you get home.  Instead, stop at the health club, spend the time with your kids, or just kick up your feet and unwind, knowing your family will have a delicious dinner, ready in minutes when the time comes.  BONUS:  You’ll also be pleasantly surprised at how much money our service will save you on your weekly food budget by eliminating all those costly extra trips to the grocery store. 

Special dietary needs?  Low salt, low fat, vegetarian?  We can do it.  We’ll “tailor make” a program specifically for your family’s needs and preferences.  We’re available for a no-obligation consultation appointment, including evenings and weekends for your convenience.  Call us today.  You’ll thank us, and yourself, every evening when you say……………………


We also plan parties for all occasions:  menu, shopping & preparation in your home at a fraction of the cost of catering.  Our specialty:  intimate sit-down dinners for up to eight people.  Call now to reserve a date.

Complete Menu Planning Service
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