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    Why Would You Need to Hire a Business Communications Editing Service?

You can’t meet every potential customer face-to-face so you rely on your marketing materials to tell them about you and your product or service. You’ve worked hard to build your business so why let mediocre, blandly written marketing or informational material misrepresent you to those vital customers…..not to mention the business plan or loan requests that go to your banker.

And it’s not just about the importance of projecting a competent image with good sentence structure and spelling (unfortunately we’ve all seen what gets by the spell-check feature) it’s more about the content and the impact it has for your company. Anyone who can put words together and form sentences can “write”. But putting them together creatively to communicate effectively and powerfully requires a special skill.

Maybe you know that your materials could use a “lift”, but you don’t want to toss everything out and start completely over. Then let me give you a “marketing materials makeover” by editing and revising what you already have……..and at about half the cost of hiring me or another business writer to start from scratch.

Will it make a difference? You be the judge. Take a look at some company brochure excerpts “before and after” my revisions………. which do you think are more effective?


Before: As your sole source of accountability, we negotiate with and manage all the various agencies, suppliers, and construction trades necessary for a successful project, so you don’t have to waste your valuable time.

 After: Our turn-key process affords you full control of the project with a minimal time commitment, PLUS, we guarantee you a single source of accountability. Our focus is on the project so you can continue to focus on providing quality service to your clients.


Before: Financing for your project can be provided from your own sources or we can make all the arrangements for you through our local and national financing partners.

After: We’ve worked extensively with lending institutions and we “speak their language.” So, from your own sources or through our local and national financing partners, we’ll be there to guide you through the financing process.

  Before: We’ve been in business for many years, and our marketing services are superior to what you’ll find in the area. We want to help you find your market and make the impression you seek. Our experience is your benefit.

After: You hire a marketing firm to increase awareness of your company, service or product. By identifying and targeting your “audience” we’ll give you exposure with impact along with opportunities to create lasting business relationships. We’ve been part of the business community for years and you’ll have the full benefit of our experience.

It’s essential in today’s competitive environment to have well written company material that’s effective, powerful and persuasive. Give your business the edge with a “marketing materials makeover” by Cardinal Writing and Editing Service.

Struggling with a business plan format or a press release?
 I can help with those too.

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