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"Every calling is great when greatly pursued”
Oliver Wendell Holmes

SUCCESSFUL job seekers have learned the old “cookie cutter,” fill-in-the-blanks style résumé doesn't generate job interviews.  No…………. times have changed.

No longer can a résumé be just a “list” of dates of previous employment and academic degrees. Gone are the trite, “me-oriented” objective statements taking up valuable space on what now should be a skillfully crafted business communication designed to convince a prospective employer that you alone can offer what they are searching for.

In today’s competitive market, your résumé must be an effective marketing tool. It's your personal “advertisement” that should reflect not only who you are but why you will benefit your prospective employer. It's crucial that it


• Student and Professional Résumés
• High-impact Cover Letters
• E-Résumés and Special Formatting
• “Keyword”  Strategies
• Résumé “Makeovers”
• Editing/Proofreading Academic Papers
• Reasonable Rates/Package Discounts
• Prompt, Personalized Service

sets you apart from other candidates applying for the position you seek. And because, in most cases, all this must be accomplished in a page or two, it takes the development strategy of a professional to combine the elements of format, selling points, and visual appeal into just the right winning formula….a résumé that will get you an INTERVIEW!

When you need such a résumé.... call Cardinal Résumé Service for a no-obligation consultation. We'll do all that we can to assist you in your search for the position you desire.


I want to thank you for such a quick and thorough job that you did helping me revamp my resume. You had the right blend of advice and resume formatting to help my resume stand out from the rest. With your help I was able to get the attention of my future employer and now have the job I have always wanted. Great Job.

All the best”   Zubin Chinoy, Biotech Consultant, Haslett, Michigan

“Tricia, the resume worked very well. I turned it in Wednesday afternoon and they called me Friday at 10:00 am and wanted to interview at 3:30 the same day. One of the first questions they asked was "Did you write this resume yourself"? Of course I gave you the credit and they appreciated the honesty. However during the interview they were encouraging me to interview for a managers position which pays more money than the supervisory position I was interviewing for.

They said I was over qualified for the supervisor's job and probably would gain greater satisfaction from the manager’s position. So I have typed a letter of intent and will submit it tomorrow.

Thank you very much your efforts were superb”
.  Mike Wahl, Lansing, Michigan

Interview Follow-up:
“Tricia, just a note to let you know I have been offered and I have accepted the job. It was very clear the resume you prepared opened the door to an interview which resulted in the game winning run for me. I have already referred your services to others and hope their pursuit of employment is as successful as my experience was with Cardinal Resume Service. Thanks again.” Mike Wahl

I wasn’t expecting to be able to pick and choose which interviews I wanted to go on! After the first 3, I got the job I wanted. I’m sure glad I choose you to write my resume and cover letter. Two interviewers (one, my current employer) commented on how well my resume was presented. Thanks again for all you did.” 
 Patrick Barnes, Lansing, Michigan

"Tricia manages to add that "wow" factor to a resume. She creates the staircase to get you to the top!"  Robin King, Mason, Michigan

I didn’t know where to start when I wanted to re-enter the workplace after 10 years. I’m so glad I called you, because you listened, took the information I gave you and somehow turned it into this wonderful resume that I’m really proud of. I knew I was qualified but just didn’t know how to present my credentials. Thank you so much for all your help."
  Robbi Belden, Glendale, Arizona

“Everyone has been made for some particular work, and the desire for that work has been put in every heart”.........  Rumi

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